Mas+ Hydration Lemon Lime League by Messi

Mas+ Hydration Lemon Lime by Messi - Pre Order Available

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Mas+ Hydration Lemon Lime League Hydration Drink

Lionel Messi, the global soccer icon, sought out the perfect hydration drink but encountered either healthy options that tasted unpleasant or flavorful ones containing unhealthy ingredients. As a result, he developed his own beverage that not only offered incredible taste but also provided the hydration he required. Messi named his creation Más+ because "Más" means "more" in Spanish, signifying more refreshing flavor without artificial sweeteners, only 10 calories, and 1g of cane sugar per 16.9oz bottle. Additionally, Más+ contains balanced electrolytes, vitamins, and more.

PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A PRE ORDER AND THE PRODUCT WILL ARRIVE AND BE SHIPPED BETWEEN July 25th & 30th. If it arrives sooner we will ship it accordingly. If you wish to collect in store you can select this option at checkout. If you combine other items in your order please note that all will ship together when the consignment lands with us.

Munchdiddlys will be the first store to stock Mas+ in Ireland. Demand for Mas Plus by Messi is expected to exceed the early hype of Prime Hydration. Mas+ is expected to be launched globally by the end of 2024 in select markets but Munchdiddlys will have early access for our customers.