Mr. Beast Milk Crunch 2024 New Look

Mr. Beast Feastables - Crunch 35G

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Mr. Beast Feastables - Milk Chocolate Crunch 35g

Mr. Beast chocolate has a new look and taste for 2024. Mr. Beast and his team claim to have made amazing improvements to the taste of the Feastables range and time will tell.

Munchdiddly's is on a mission to bring the rarest and most sought after products to Ireland. Mr. Beast Feastables are on a mission to bring you better tasting snacks made with wholesome ingredients. Mr. Beast chocolate has only four base ingredients and is made from milk derived from grass fed cows.

Munchdiddly's will be trialing the Mr. Beast range of chocolate and cookies in very small quantities.

The correct spelling is Feastables and you may be reading this as you searched for Feastibles. You're welcome.